ARTLENS Exhibit consists of multiple interactive elements that help the visitors in learning and understanding art. Not only are there gesture based games, but also interactives based on visitor's expressions when viewing art, or on visitor's gaze while looking at art. Even though I contributed to production of most of those elements, my biggest focus was the Gaze Tracker experience. 

Role: UI and UX Design, Animation, Asset Production
Project Page: ARTLENS Exhibit, Potion


CMA_ArtLensGalleryLONGFORM_ROUGH06-NOGRAPHICS-ProResHQ_9-6-17 (0-21-08-05)

Selected Works

Digital FolioAnimation, Illustration, Visual Design

City ExplorerUI in Unity 3D, 3D Model and Environment Texturing

Maharam SuiteUI and UX Design

ARTLENS ExhibitUI, UX Design, Animation, Asset Production

MeLaβUX, UI Design, Animation, Illustration

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & RethinkUX, UI Design, Animation, Illustration

Interaction of Color AppUX and UI Design

PostSecret UniverseUX, UI Design, Animation, Concept Art

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